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Overview: came to Blue Tide with an idea of a whole makeover design. They hated their old layout and the functionality just wasn’t there! So we are finally pleased to announce the launch of their redesign. The project was a very fun one to work on becuase I personally am a huge zombie fan (haha)!


  • Working comments (finally) with both Facebook and Twitter integration!
  • A featured section for our major new content!
  • An easier way to connect with us on social networks!
  • Much simpler to learn about the author of a post!
  • …and of course the site is MUCH more pleasing on the eyes!

Check out the new site

Let us know what you think! :)

Post Author: Zach Reed

Zach is the owner of Blue Tide Productions from Indianapolis, IN, USA. He loves music, Qdoba, watching movies and enjoying life! He made this fine blog, also! ;) You can follow him on Twitter (@bluetidepro)!

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Author: Zach Reed

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